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Finance and Accounting Department

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Function: To advise and carry out decisions by the Rector of the University related to the finance and accounting.

- Develop and organize the implementation of financial planning in short and long term;
- Collect, process information and accounting data for each object and content in accordance with the accounting standards and the current accounting regime;
- Analysis of information and accounting data; counsel and give recommendations to the Rector solutions for management and decisionson financial - accounting issues of the University;
- Provide information and accounting data in accordance with the provisions of law;
- Inspection and monitoring of revenue and expenditure financial obligations, debt and examine the management and use of assets and sources of the assets of the University; detecting and preventing their violations of financial - accounting;
- Issuing, flow, recording and storing documents, accounting books according to regulations currently in force;
- Coordinate with relevant units to welcome and admission procedures for students;
- Preparation of financial statements and settlement of these funds monthly, quarterly, annually completely, accurately and timely;
- Coordinate and guide the unit and to carry out the accounting, estimation and participate in business contracts of the University;
- To chair and coordinate with the Office Organization - Administration Building, amending and supplementing regulations organize the internal expenses of the University;
- Management and efficient use of assets, equipment, facilities, means the school work assigned;
- Implementation of the University account at banks, treasuries; procedures for specimen registration seal and signature by the provisions and implementation procedures for financial and banking treasury;
- Allocation and planning the use of funds by the state budget provides for the right purposes and the standard norms prescribed.


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