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Training, Research Administration and International Cooperation Department

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- To advise the Rector on training, scientific research and international cooperation
- Management of training activities, scientific research and implementation of international cooperation within the decentralization system;
- Management of data, information on training, scientific research and international cooperation.

Management of training
- Organize, implement, control training plans of the University;
- Prepare reports on the implementation of training missions of the University;
- Connect with customers, collect and process information on training requirements from customers;
- Direct estimation and settle training and retraining;
- Directly coordinate training activities through coordination with other faculties, office involved in the organization of classes;
- Total hours of lectures by the teacher's quarterly, every 6 months and even yearly to serve as basis for monitoring the teaching activities and payment of over time remuneration, incentives and allowances of teachers.
Management of scientific research
- Organization of construction, implementation and control plan for scientific research in short and long-term school;
- Instruct the Rectors of scientific projects document of the implementation of proper procedures, implementing research topics and themes acceptance test in accordance with regulations;
- Organize seminars on science and research projects.
Management of international cooperation
- Search for programs, projects and partners in accordance with the development strategy of the University;
- Perform the tasks of cooperation and international cooperation within the framework of the University's program of cooperation and international cooperation for the, State.
Library management, design qualification

- Management of documents, materials, information on materials, books and on the website of the University.

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