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Which training and retraining programs do Faculty of Business Management have?

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The Faculty’s main training and retraining programs:

  • Training programs for enterprises
  • Program trains managing director for enterprises.
  • Program develops strategy thinking  in the back ground of international economy.
  • Program manages process of  Privatization in state’s enterprises.
  • Program guides management of salary-labour.
  • Program retrains for leaders of Human resource.
  • Program retains for General Accountant
  • Program builds sytem of internal control in enterprises.
  • Program manages and run producing teams.
  • Program  manages  service trade in state’s agriculture enterprise.
  • Program manages investment projects.
  • Program manages quality with different strategy ( coffee enterprises)
  • Program contracts and argues foreign trade contracts
  • Program guides professional sales.
  • Program retrains for leaders of planning bureau.
  • Program develops skills of stock trade.
  • Program retrains knowledge intergrated international economy.
Program trains for co-operatvives.
  • Program raises working skills of management for co-operatives
  • Program manages service activities in agricultural co-operatives
  • Program builds trading plan in agricultural co-operatives
  • Program raises marketing skills for agricultural co-operatives
  • Program develops non-agricultural career in co-operatives
  • Program guides marketing and producing management
  • Program retrains knowledge intergated international economy
  • Program manages co-operative’s finance according to circular letter number: 74/2008/TTLT/BNN.
  • Program retrains knowledge for co-operative’s accountant.
  • Program guides practical accountant in agricultural co-operatives.
  • Program analyses financial report and builds financial plan in co-operatives.
  • Program applies managing accountant in agricultural co-operatives.
  • Program organizes statistical working in co-operatives.
  • Propram builds and assesses investment projects in co-operatives.
  • Program builds projects to borrow capital funds.
  • Program organizes service of internal credit in agricultural co-operatives.
  • Program collects and handles informations to service controling mission in co-operatives.

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