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What’s the main duties of CMARD 2?

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School of agriculture management cadre and the second of  rural development which depend on Ministry of agricultural and rural development. It has established since 1982. School’s main duties are currently :

  1. Training, retraining for management cadres, civil servants, trade producing management officials , supporting agriculture, enviroment resources management for foundations in the sector of agricultural and rural development.; Trade management cadres of enterprise’s form (including farm and co-operative) who are working in the fields of agricultural and rural development; Cadres of agricutural extension  and rural development . Management cadres , civil servants , officials of state management agencies in the sectors of agricultural and rural development.
  2. Science research: scientific themes in the sectors of state management, trade management and social economy to service for agricultural and rural development.
  3. To consult and transfer management technology for enterprises’ form, state management agencies, groups of supporting agriculture.
  4. To link and co-operate with oganizations, training centers in domestic and  oversea.

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