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Functions of Faculty of Extension and rural development

  • Giving advice of training, scientific research and management in Extension and rural developmentand rural development to the Rector.
  • Training, researching science and consulting the management in in Extension and rural developmentand rural development
  • Managing profession and classes assigned by managing board.

Obligations of Faculty of Extension and rural development

  • Making program and plan for teaching, holding the training programs and adding knowledge and skill of Extension and rural development for the officials and organizations who have concern.
  • Making plan for program, preparing textbook of Extension and rural development.
  • Management of quality, contents, training method and scientific research;
  • Researching and reforming the teaching methods, learning methods; making proposal for additional plan, maintaining the teaching and learning instruments, practice.
  • Cooperating with functional authorities for the training, scientific research and international cooperation.
  • Holding scientific and technological operations, accessing and combining international cooperation projects; associating education with scientific and social life research.
  • Managing lecturers, officials under the assignment of Rector. Training and increasing the professional ability for lecturer and officials of department. Making plan for implementing education of politics, ideology, moral, lifestyle for lecturers, officials and learner.
  • Managing subject groups in implementing functions, training and researching science of department.




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